Driver Crashes Car Into Sunset Room

Authorities say the man had just been asked to leave the nightclub

Returning customers are good for business, but not when they crash a car through the front of the building.

That's what investigators said happened early Wednesday after an man was asked to leave the Sunset Room on South Hacienda Boulevard. Authorities said the intoxicated man then crashed his car through the front of the nightclub.

"I was sitting in there enjoying the karaoke, and all of the sudden I hear this big old bang," a customer said. "I thought, at first, it was a gunshot."

More than 80 people were in the club when the crashed occurred at 12:10 a.m.

No injuries were reported. Officers said a preliminary investigation indicated that large music speakers might have stopped the car.

California Highway Patroll Officer D.A. Williams said the initial investigation also indicated there was a problem with the vehicle's transmission lever.

"The driver was stepping on the accelerator and the time and shifted it into drive," Williams said. "It accelerated rapidly into the building."

The driver was taken to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Industry Station, California Highway Patrol Officer Anthony Martin said.

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