Driver Gets Away Due to Weather After Leading Authorities on Pursuit

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A driver lead California Highway Patrol on an hour-long pursuit Sunday night, evading at least one pit maneuver, before the chase was eventually called off.

The pursuit began near the northbound 605 Freeway at the 405 Freeway junction in Los Alamitos, according to CHP Orange County division. 

According to CHP, the driver failed to yield before initiating the pursuit.

The driver was in a grey Toyota Camry, according to the CHP Orange County communication center. During the pursuit the driver would sometimes speed at over 80 mph, but then respect traffic signals on surface streets.

At one point, CHP stopped pursuing the driver with ground units but followed with a helicopter. The vehicle stopped just before a freeway exit for a few minutes, before continuing. Eventually, CHP re-started the pursuit.

The vehicle was confirmed to be a rental, and it was last spotted at the northbound 5 Freeway transition to the 110 Freeway.

CHP and Newschopper4 Bravo pulled away due to weather concerns. The driver was not apprehended.

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