Caught on Camera: Driver of Stolen Car Barrels Through Anaheim Skate Park

A police chase took a dangerous turn when the stolen vehicle narrowly missed park goers as it careened into an Anaheim skate park on Friday.

Timothy Collins somehow managed to whip out his cell phone camera as Anaheim Police rolled in hot to Ponderosa Skatepark chasing a parolee at large driving a stolen vehicle.

"I just started freaking out," Collins said. "Kids were almost getting hit. I was scared, I feared for my life. So I pulled out my camera and filmed."

The video shows dust flying and tires spinning as a silver Toyota Scion barreled through the park. Lookiloos were captivated and watched the brief chase, which ended when cops utilized a PIT maneuver that sent the car straight into a tree.

The car was stolen Thursday from a driveway in Irvine. The owner of the vehicle, Rafael Lourenco, watched his smashed car get towed away.

"My car is all bad right now," he said.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified the driver of the stolen vehicle.

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