Du-par’s Celebrates Anniversary With 1938 Prices

The Original Farmers Market location is rolling back prices to 1938


Du-par's will offer hamburgers, hot cakes and other items for just a few cents Wednesday during a price rollback anniversary celebration at the Southern California restaurant's Original Farmers Market location.

The restaurant is celebrating 75 years of service with 1938-style prices on 20 menu items. That includes hamburgers for 20 cents, buttermilk hot cakes for a quarter, coffee for a nickel and chicken pot pie for 35 cents.

The restaurant is planning to serve about 4,000 pancakes, said owner Biff Naylor. The deals are only offered at Du-par's 6333 W. 3rd St. location, which opened in 1938 before eight other locations opened by the 1960s.

The recipe for Du-par's pancakes has been locked in a safe at the Farmers Market restaurant since 1938, said Naylor.

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