DUI Arrests Drop Over Thanksgiving Holiday

The California Highway Patrol reported fewer DUI arrests from Wednesday through Saturday

The number of Thanksgiving holiday drunken driving related arrests on the freeways dropped this year in Los Angeles County, officials said on Saturday.

In L.A. County, the CHP made 186 DUI related arrests on L.A. County freeways from Wednesday at 6 a.m. through Saturday at 6 a.m., compared with 200 in the same period last year.

There were no traffic fatalities on L.A. County freeways in the four-day holiday period this year nor the same period last year, the CHP said.

In Orange County, the CHP arrested 44 suspected drunken drivers from Wednesday to Saturday, seven more than the tally for the same Thanksgiving holiday period last year.

There were no fatalities reported for the same Thanksgiving holiday period either year.

This year 11 vehicle occupants were killed over the holiday period in the CHP's jurisdiction statewide.

Six of them did not wear safety belts. Two motorcyclists were killed in the CHP's jurisdiction.

Both of them were wearing helmets. No pedestrians or bicyclists were killed this holiday season.

CHP officers throughout the state arrested 840 suspected drunken drivers on freeways and on roads in unincorporated areas during the reporting period, 63 less than the same time period last year, according to the CHP.

Statewide, 17 traffic fatalities were reported this year.

Law enforcement agencies reported 14 people were killed during the same Thanksgiving weekend period last year.

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