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Health Officials Warn About COVID-19 Vaccination Scams

Offers have already begun to circulate on the internet... "coronavirus vaccines available for $250." "Order now." "We offer fast and discreet delivery."

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Desperation to get your hands on the COVID-19 vaccine could lead some to accept risky offers just to obtain it before it is available through the official timeline order.

The temptation can be great, but think about it very well, because in addition to the danger to your health if you inject substances of dubious origins, you could also well be the victim of a scam.

Offers have already begun to circulate on the internet... "coronavirus vaccines available for $250." "Order now." "We offer fast and discreet delivery."

But this announcement about the alleged easy access to the COVID-19 vaccine is just one example of so many scams that the authorities have detected, and they warn that some fraudulent offers could come to you from Mexico, but the doctors in that country insist for you to be careful.

"You can't buy it, it's not for sale under any circumstances," said Raziel Custodio, a doctor in Tijuana.

Dr. Custodio has his medical practice in Tijuana, and ensures that almost 90% of his patients cross the border from California to receive his services. He told our sister station Telemundo 52 Responde that many of them have already asked him how they can obtain the vaccine in Mexico so as not to have to wait for it in this country. His answer? It is impossible.

"They are reaching a dropper, there are very strict logistics that this vaccine requires, and there is also a minimum available quantity that is only being administered mainly to health personnel," said the doctor.

If you receive an offer to buy it online, realize that you could not only lose your money but also put your health at risk.

"Well, the truth is, we don't know what they are giving them, it is probably pure water and the risk is that you can trust yourself and say 'I'm already vaccinated,'" said Dr. Custodio.

Changes are being made almost daily. Woo can get a vaccine and when? Patrick Healy reports Jan. 15, 2021.

And by not being protected, you are still exposed to contagion. In addition, it is very important that you take into account that when buying something in this illicit way, there is no way to know what is being injected.

"Then they could have a severe reaction that could land them in the hospital," the doctor said.

Remember that there is no way around the wait as the ads promise, so don't risk your money, and more importantly your health.

Health officials urge that the safest thing to do is to wait your turn to get vaccinated according to the rules of health agencies.

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