Earn $1,000 Just for Drinking Coffee? There's a Catch

The campaign is targeted at promoting local coffee shops

In a marketing campaign aimed at coffee consumers to buy from local coffee shops, promises to give $1,000 to a person who refrains for a month from buying from "corporate coffee shops" and instead visits only local coffee shops.

According to the requirements, "you will be asked to gather information and record your experience using a follow-up document provided by the team. You will work with the team to share ideas of your experience on the company's blog and social networks. You will also share your experience with your personal social networks when you see appropriate opportunities."

According to the announcement, "an astonishing 82% of businesses that fail are sinking due to cash flow problems. But what would happen if they had more customers bringing more cash? As small business advocates, at we want to encourage more Americans to frequent local businesses, and we are starting with local coffee shops."

Coffee lovers can register until Sept. 30, 2019, but they must meet several requirements such as being a self-declared Starbucks fan. Maintaining a strong presence on social networks is an advantage for applicants, but it is not mandatory.

The "job" is that you visit at least eight local coffee shops over the course of a month, take a picture of your cup of coffee in each store and keep a record so that gets an idea of ​​your local experience.

For the person selected, 25% of the payment of $1,000 will be given at the time of hiring and the total amount will be given at the end of the job.

"We will provide a scheme for the selected one to record the important elements of their experiences, such as cost, quality, customer service and average waiting time," said.


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