Photos: What to Keep in Your Disaster Emergency Kit

The American Red Cross provided NBC Los Angeles with a list of things that every household should keep in a backpack in the event of a natural disaster. Whether it's an earthquake, flood or wildfire, these items can help families be prepared for the worst. The items below can be kept in a disaster preparedness kit.

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Elizabeth Chavolla
This bag includes scissors, bandages, gauze, insurance cards, cut and rash creams, antiseptic cream, antihistamine tablets, cough syrup, alcohol towels, eye drops and distilled water.
Elizabeth Chavolla
Perhaps the most important tool in an emergency situation is the whistle, as this will help rescue teams find you.
American Red Cross
It is important that each member of your family has their own backpack. Each backpack should include everything that is mentioned on this list. Seniors, babies and pets must have their own backpack. If you have a pet, prepare a backpack with food and toys.
Elizabeth Chavolla
The poncho will keep you dry and protect you from rain. Also have a change of thermal clothing.
Elizabeth Chavolla
In a plastic bag, put soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, cotton, cleaning towels, lotion, disposable tissues, razors and feminine towels.
These lenses are used for protecting your eyes from dust and other hazards.
Elizabeth Chavolla
In a plastic bag include a copy of your identification, license, passport and social security.
Elizabeth Chavolla
One gallon of water per person is recommended, so that you have water for at least 3 to 5 days.
Elizabeth Chavolla
Be sure to pack one or two chargers for your phone, as well as portable chargers that can be pre-charged and ready to use while on the go.
Elizabeth Chavolla
All food you keep must be food that is not perishable. Do not forget to include a can opener.
Elizabeth Chavolla
It is important to have a flashlight in your emergency backpack, but also in every room of your home, given that a natural disaster can occur at any time. Make sure you have enough batteries.
Elizabeth Chavolla
It is important to have a self-charging radio and to have batteries for it. You can buy a radio combo, which includes flashlight, radio and phone charger.
Elizabeth Chavolla
These elements are necessary to close the gas supply in your home.
Elizabeth Chavolla
If you have a medical history, include a list of your medicines and have enough doses for one week.
Elizabeth Chavolla
Keep cash in your bag. In case of a major emergency, there will be no access to banks or ATMs.
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