Enjoy Dana Wharf's Splashy Spring Break Deals

Commune with our playful cetacean pals, at a discount, over several special weekend days.

EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT ON SPRING BREAK, you probably know someone on spring break, and even if you don't know somebody enjoying the short March-or-April vacation, you probably feel an air of spring-break-ness in the atmosphere. The start of springtime is a solid indicator that the days of spring break are now, as are the budding flowers, the greener grass, and, yes, all of those spring-break-y ads and specials popping up on various social media feeds. Which all means this: If you have a few hours, and just a bit of money to spend, you, too, can dip into that spring break spirit, even if the whole vacay thing is on your far horizon (yes, you're allowed to throw the word "vacay" around, sassily, even if you don't have one planned). And one of the outdoorsiest of the spring break-oriented specials in California is on now, at Dana Wharf, via Dana Wharf Whale Watching. The deals are on through...

MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2018, and include $29 whale watching trips every Saturday and Sunday. They leave early, at 8 a.m., so up and at 'em, spring breakers, and those people who don't actually have a spring break but are embracing the time of year. Will you see a whale? Maybe, or maybe not, but this is gray whale season, the tail end of the migratory run (or, er, "fluke" end seems more apt), so keep that hope high. Dolphins will likely be about, fingers crossed, and seals and sea lions, too, and definitely a host of handsome ocean-loving birds. There are also sunset cruises, too, for the same price, twenty nine bucks, though you'll want to check out the dates, as they're listed as "select." And if you can't spring-break-it-up, sadly, even for a few hours on a weekend morning, at this time? Check it out: Half-priced Tuesdays happen throughout the calendar at Dana Wharf Whale Watching. Follow the blowhole spray this way, to your pop-up spring break fun time on the water.

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