Stars Honored for Their Environmental Efforts

The EMA green carpet was the spot to be on Saturday night

The 20th annual Environmental Media Awards was a first-class eco-friendly affair held at the Warner Bros. lot Saturday evening where celebrities came out to support environmental responsibility. Presented by the non-profit Environmental Media Association, the EMAs honor television shows, films and A-listers that are committed to eco friendly accomplishment and awareness.

Inventors of the “green carpet” EMA successfully married the celebrity glamour with the increasingly growing concern and participation of Hollywood to protect the earth while putting important environmental issues on the forefront through popular entertainment, honoring nominees in categories for feature film, documentary, television drama and comedy series, reality programs, children's live action and animation.

The nominees were highlighted for their ability and sensitivity to using the entertainment outlet to educate as well as inspire viewers to take a more active role in the eco front. The environment has gained attention in recent years, thanks to compelling films and an audience that is now paying attention, creatively using what has become a “hot trend” for an important and urgent cause.

The highest honors were given to Ted Turner with a Lifetime Achievement award for his long term pledge to ecological responsibility through his years in multi media, and Jeff Skoll with a Corporate Responsibility Award for his passionate dedication to spreading truth and encouragement through his production company Participant Media with Oscar nominated and winning documentaries like “Food Inc.,” “An Inconvenient Truth” and “The Cove."

Charming Jason Ritter and beautiful Olivia Munn hosted the celebrity-studded ceremony where James Cameron was a winner with "Avatar." Other winners were "30 Rock" and "Living With Ed." Names of the caliber of Jane Fonda, Natalie Portman and Amy Poller joined efforts to make the ceremony a delightful balance of elegance and refreshing, self-deprecating humor.

The green-themed evening was sponsored by the “Hollywood chic” Toyota Prius and Lexus along with environmentally friendly companies like Brita and Energy Extreme and caterers, like delicious popular vegan restaurant Real Food Daily. All the gifting stands were provided by environmentally conscious companies and products like Stila make up and Avena skin care, and the lovely event was completed by a silent auction with exciting items such as skiing trips and ski diving packages.

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