Even the Plants Have Umbrellas Now

A Descanso plant is staying dry. Wise plant.


We get how that plant feels.

And we get that you might want to show relatives and friends in other places just how damp things have gotten around your "It-Never-Rains-in-Southern-California" stomping grounds.

Here's one photo that illustrates the situation well. Descanso Gardens posted a snapshot of a Giant Dioon -- or Dioon spinulosum, if you prefer to go more high-falutin and old-school -- with a made-for-humans-not-plants umbrella over its spindly top.

The La Canada-based plant had had it with the rampant being-rained-upon, says the Gardens (it looked "unhappy"), so a Descanso staffer had a smart and snapshotable solution. The photo isn't *quite* as Narnia-like as the last Descanso picture we took a shine too, but we suppose that flora in some storybooks might have umbrellas. Pretty whimsical, actually. 

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