EverWalk: Join Diana Nyad's Fresh Trek

The celebrated swimmer's new get-moving initiative has a big first plan: A walk from LA to San Diego.

Plop down in front of your computer, or on the couch with your tablet or phone in hand, and you're bound to scroll by one of the major stories of the modern day: We all sit too much.

It's a timely topic that's spurred at-work exercise classes to treadmill desks, but, above all, experts have implored people to simply get out and get some fresh air on a regular basis.

Lauded athlete Diana Nyad knows rather a lot about that concept. She completed the 110.86-mile swim from Cuba to Florida over Labor Day Weekend in 2013, but her big goals didn't stop with that applause-worthy, shark-cageless crossing (a first-ever moment for any swimmer, by the by).

Now Ms. Nyad, along with her expedition leader Bonnie Stoll, is taking that health-happy approach to trekking, via her new EverWalk events.

Billed as the "biggest walking initiative in American History," EverWalk will unfurl in several states, stretching between towns and providing participants with a vigorous multi-day get-out, get-moving goal.

And the first EverWalk is happening right here, from Los Angeles to San Diego, from Sunday, Oct. 23 through Saturday, Oct. 29. 

If you're adding up distances in your head, here's the general outlook: The trek'll cover about 20 miles a day, give or take, with a Santa Monica start and a Point Loma finish.


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Day 4, the Wednesday walk, covers Costa Mesa to Laguna Niguel, for example. Look for a rest stop about every five miles, one that includes some water, some sustenance, some "inspiration and other services to empower the EverWalk community to complete their journey." 

There are a few ways to approach the walk, from the "Half Tripper" option to the "First Legger," should the entire stretch not be in the cards for you.

Walkers will enjoy some pretty sights along that route, for sure. Other City2City treks will cover "the beautiful outdoor corridors of America," so if long-walking is your passion, and you are eager to be a part of more EverWalks, best follow where the initiative will stretch a leg next.

"The Cuba Swim was an epic journey for me and my team," said Diana Nyad. "I want the American public to have their own epic experience. That's the soul of EverWalk. Each EverWalker, from 5K up to the whole 7-day trek to virtual participants, will be part of the Revolution to evolve us from a sedentary to a moving culture."

Boston, New York, and Philadelphia are all to come for this get-moving gathering. For more information, and to join the first walk, the California walk, tie on your tennies and make strides now.

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