Expo Line: New Station Artwork

"Original, site-specific works" lend each just-unveiled stop its own vibrancy.

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Constance Mallison
A detail from a Constance Mallison work, seen at one of the new Expo Line stations found along the rails from Culver City to Santa Monica.
Judith Hernandez
There are some 98 new works in all at the seven stations, including several by artist Judith Hernandez.
Abel Alejandre
The works, like this piece by artist Abel Alejandre, were commissioned in order "to pay homage to the diverse and distinct communities that surround each station."
Constance Mallison
The statement for this nature-themed piece by Constance Mallison reveals its background. "In addition to the lush gardens of the city, Santa Monica has made a commitment to conservation through water-wise landscaping and drought tolerant plantings. This piece demonstrates that there is no sacrifice of color and beauty when that is the case."
Shizu Saldamando
In addition to the new Expo Line artworks, there are regular art tours around the Metro system, walks and talks led by docents.
Carmen Argote
The artworks, made of "highly durable materials," have been "translated" from the medium in which they first appeared (paper, paint, and so forth). Pictured: A work by Carmen Argote
Nzuji De Magalhaes
Stopping at Bundy? Take a moment to admire a hue-filled, imagery-lush piece by Nzuji De Magalhaes.
Susan Logoreci
A SoCal cityscape by Susan Logoreci. Want to eye the new works? Ride Expo Line from Culver City to Santa Monica. Want to see more feasts for the eye/mind around the system? Metro now boasts 104 stations over a total of 87 miles of rails, meaning there's lots more art to admire out there.
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