Eye-Popping: Flower Fields to Open

The colorful Carlsbad spread is only open a few weeks each year.

The Flower Fields

CARLSBAD'S COLOSSAL COLORFULNESS: If you were to stick a couple of ranunculus blooms in a simple bottle or vase on the kitchen table, you're almost inviting comment when the neighbors or your friends stop by. If they don't know what this many-petal'd bloom is, they might inquire, and, if they do know, there might be some discussion about the name "ranunculus," and its origins, because, unlike "rose" or "daisy" it isn't a flower handle that's spoken all that often. Unless, of course, you're talking about the most ranunculus-y place around, a destination that's sure to win new ranunuculians to the flower-loving fold. It's the famous Flower Fields of Carlsbad we speak of, a place that's so petal-packed over a few spring weeks, and so darn hue-saturated, that it is almost hard to believe you haven't stepped into a Technicolor film from MGM, circa 'round about 1952. So, picture those two or three ranunculus flowers on your kitchen table, and now imagine...

THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF FLOWERS, all in pink and yellow and red and white bloom at the agricultural attraction. As is tradition, The Flower Fields will open on March 1, and, as is tradition, the final day of the 2017 season will be Mother's Day, or Sunday, May 14. Note that the flowers aren't in bloom for the full stretch, so you'll want to keep an eye on the Facebook page to see how the fields are doing. There are "over 50 acres" to take in of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus splendor, and some of that splendor will be available for sale. "A portion of the flower crop is sold as cut flowers," says the Flower Fields site, meaning you may soon have a few bright blooms for your kitchen table. But will the neighbors know what the unusual, incredibly vibrant flowers are? Probably, if they're into petals, lots of color, and a California springtime-traditional sight.

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