FaceTime: How Carriers Plan to Make iPhone Users Pay More

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Cellular networks are jonesing for iPhone users to eat up bandwidth with apps like FaceTime because they are exploring new ways to charge for data use.

FaceTime, an iOS app that allows video calling, would have significant data consumption, according to MarketWatch. This could push those iPhone users into a more expensive data plan, something that carriers have been developing to improve revenue.

The reason is because until now, FaceTime would only be used with Wi-Fi to connect with other phones, iPads or Macs, but the coming iOS 6 would mean it could be used on cellular networks. Verizon has already unveiled new pricing for data usage that means a higher bill for many users and AT&T isn't far behind.(So far, Sprint is still offering unlimited data to its users.)

Just so everyone is clear, the lowest tier on Verizon's new data plan, 1GB, would be exceeded by making one five-minute call a day on FaceTime.

But isn't this a lot to be placing at the feet of FaceTime? Chances are data usage is up because people are using their phones as mini-computers, transferring data, sending text messages and watching videos. We don't think FaceTime will be the reason most people's data usage will rise.
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