Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Faith Leaders Appeal for Peace and Swift Recovery of LA County Sheriff's Deputies

Two Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies were shot while in their patrol car on Saturday in Compton.

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Community activist Sweet Alice Harris was among a group of leaders who visited St. Francis Hospital Wednesday to pray for the recovery of the two sheriff's deputies who were shot in Compton and also to show unity with law enforcement.

As the deputies continue to recover, with one of the wounded released from the hospital on Wednesday, faith leaders came with a message to the sheriff's department that there is no law enforcement family and community family that is separate that they are all one family.

Harris says it's time for the divisions to end and for the healing to begin.

"We are divided and now we gonna get back together," she said. "We gonna stop this mess. It's very horrific what we saw."

Pastor Michael Fisher of Greater Zion Church Family in Compton says people in the community are valuing the lives of the deputies-- in the same way they want their own lives to matter to law enforcement.

"The faith community should always stand up for those who have been done wrong and right now those two deputies have been done wrong," he said. "Behind the badge that is a mother. Behind the badge that is a sister it's a daughter. It's a brother. It's a son."

Joining the prayer group were Assistant Sheriff Robin Limon and Capt. John Burcher, who expressed their gratitude.

"I appreciate all the prayers, well wishes and good words from everyone that have come out to support our deputies part of our law enforcement family," Limon said. "Part of our extended family, we're all part of the community and I appreciate it so much."

Burcher added: "Thank you very much, for everybody, for your help, for your support. Thank God these deputies are OK. We so gather to give you all the praise and all the glory in Jesus name, amen."

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