Famous Pageant ‘Still' Seeking Volunteer Cast Members

Pageant of the Masters is looking for women, children, and men to fill roles in the still-life paintings and sculptures.

What to Know

  • Irvine Bowl in Laguna Beach
  • Thursday, March 14 from 6:30 to 9 p.m.
  • Pageant of the Masters is on from July 7 through Aug. 31, 2019

The beginning of the year around Southern California?

It's all about the Tournament of Roses, for many, and the start of whale-watching season, and the wrap-up of holiday theme park fun.

And over at Pageant of the Masters, the summertime Laguna Beach event? The one where people pose, and hold utterly still, while standing "inside" celebrated artworks?

The annual auditions always happen during the first week of January, a half year ahead of when the hold-still spectacular opens in July.

And try out, many people did over the first weekend of January 2019, for a bevy of interesting art-cool roles.

But here's some good news, if you missed the audition or finally decided to fulfill this classic bucket list dream: Pageant of the Masters will host a rare second round of 2019 tryouts on Thursday evening, March 14.


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The tryout place is the Irvine Bowl, in Laguna Beach, the scene of the summer show.

And, yep, not only will you get to go for a volunteer role — your measurements will be taken, and a photo snapped, during your time there — but you can snack on refreshments and enjoy a peek at the backstage scene.

Not to forget to mention, of course, that you'll get the chance to meet some of the honchos involved with the long-running, known-around-the-planet pageant.

This is insider-y stuff, for auditions rarely have snacks and backstage looks and other behind-the-scenes fun.

This is a volunteer gig, if you're chosen, do note. And you will need to be available for the bulk of July and all of August to appear in the nightly shows.

But, to stand inside a painting? As you basically play the iconic Statue Game of your youth?

So very cool, so anecdote-driven, so worth trying once.

Newcomers are welcome to audition, by the way, and no experience is required.

Why are you standing still? Get to Laguna Beach, and the Irvine Bowl, on the 14th of March.

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