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Fans File Lawsuit Against Dodger Stadium Security After Altercations

Multiple Dodger fans file lawsuits against Dodger Stadium security for violence and possible civil rights violations.

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More than half a dozen baseball fans are now suing security at Dodger Stadium.

Among the accusations are assault and false arrests.

An angry confrontation was caught on camera between Daniel Ultreras and Dodger Stadium security at the MLB All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium last week. It was not immediately what led up to the confrontation captured on camera by Ultreras' girlfriend.

Ultreras said he got hostility instead of help after he got sick and tried to leave the game early.

"They said 'you need to go now' and I said 'okay cool,'" Ultreras said. "Then they started pushing me and poking at me."

NBC4's I-Team found public records that show that Ultreras was arrested on suspicion of battery and jailed overnight.

Peter DiDonato is his attorney and is also representing five others in lawsuits filed Monday suing Dodger security for violence and possible civil rights violations.

"The security personnel will approach a fan that they either believe or have heard that they have been creating some issue and they will just pull them aside and say they are ejected," DiDonato said.

In May 2021 plaintiff Gregory Page Dixon says Dodger security jumped him, bruised him, and placed him under citizens arrest for allegedly urinating in public. NBC4 confirmed that when Dixon appeared in court no charges were filed.

His attorney alleges the security guards went too far.

"The unlawful touching and throwing people to the ground and handcuffing them and not telling them what the issue is," DiDonato said.

The Dodgers did not respond to NBC4 for comments on the new lawsuit or allegations made against stadium security.

Another lawsuit plaintiff is Oscar Latona. Latona alleges he was jumped from behind by security at the All-Star Game. NBC4 confirmed Latona was accused of excessive force and placed under citizens' arrest.

"We are hoping with these lawsuits and other lawsuits against Dodger security that they wake up and finally treat the fans that are not creating problems with respect," Didonato said.

Both men that claim they were jumped by security at the All-Star Game are due in court next month.

"That was my favorite sport," Ultreras said. "Now I can't even see the Dodgers logo without feeling some type of way."

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