Fans Still Hope for Jackson Sighting

Neverland Ranch May Be Out for a Memorial, But Hope Remains

"Come on in, good morning!"  That was the cheerful sound outside the Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos, California this morning.  Energetic fans of Michael Jackson continue to flock to the site leaving notes and candles and flowers at the gates.  This, even though the Jackson family has said Neverland would not be a part of Jackson's memorial service.

"We were hoping to come and be part of the memorial," said Tonya Hardiman of San Luis Obispo, who added that she was moved by the memorials set up outside the Ranch.

"It's just so sad, the balloons and signs, he needed to hear that when he was a live. He was in so much pain, I think, but he was a gift to all of us."

And while media still flood the entrance with cameras and lights, broadcasting news around the globe, fans hope the magical, sometimes mysterious place of Neverland will still play a role in memorializing Jackson.

"He's such a musical genius," said one camped-out fan, "It's sad that he's gone."

Karla Osby and Desiree Crosley set up camp by rigging a tent to their car only 50 feet from the gates.

"We just live Michael and we're going to miss him," said Osby, "It's a shame that such a nice person and a great artist has left us at such an early age."

Crosley says they came in Wednesday morning from Valencia once they heard Neverland would be open for a public viewing of Jackson.  Now she says they'll go wherever the public will be allowed.

"It would be great to have closure and say goodbye," she said, "to enjoy the atmosphere with other fans that enjoyed his work."

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