Fantastical Food: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Bangers & Mash, Beef Sunday Roast, and more delectables are on the menu at the upcoming Universal Studios Hollywood land.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 7. Discover some of the yummy food choices that can be found around the enchanted experience (including potted creams, pictured).
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If you're at Universal Studios Hollywood on the early side, there shall be breakfast choices at the whimsical land, including the American Breakfast.
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The Eggy Bread Breakfast arrives with a side of bacon.
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In true, savory homage to British dining history, there's the Bangers & Mash plate.
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The Apple Pie doesn't arrive by the slice, but instead in a deeper dish.
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Tummy filler: Beef Sunday Roasts are popular weekend choices in Great Britain, and so shall they be at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (Though the dish will be available daily, and not just on Sunday.)
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Note the fancy strawberry slices within the Chocolate Trifle.
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Decadent Potted Creams give a pudding-feel to the pudding course.
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As does the Sticky Toffee Pudding.
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The Great Feast is on the hearty, come-famished side.
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And the Fish & Chips are a pub-perfect classic.
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The Beef, Lamb & Guinness Stew comes in its own edible bowl. Ready to try a few of these selections? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter debuts at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 7, 2016.
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