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Fast and Furious Actors, Orange County DA Team Up For PSA Against Street Takeovers

Sung Kang and Cody Walker -- brother to Paul Walker, who was tragically killed in a high-speed crash in 2013 -- both appeared in the new PSA video from the Orange County District Attorney.

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The Orange County District Attorney is launching a new public service announcement campaign against street racing and street takeovers, and he's got star power on his side.

Sung Kang, known for his character Han Lue in "the Fast and the Furious" franchise, is lending a hand to OCDA Todd Spitzer's campaign alongside Cody Walker.

Cody Walker is brother to Paul Walker, who starred in the Fast and Furious films as leading man Brian O'Conner before his tragic death in a 2013 high-speed car crash in Valencia.

The PSA hints at that personal story for the Walkers.

Cars racing around an open track rev over piano music and a continuous, heartbeat-like rhythm in the video. Kang narrates, "Sometimes we just want to get in our cars and drive... and sometimes, we just want to go a little fast, and a bit furious."

One of the racing cars then stalls out as it goes around a curve, swinging its back tires sideways in an alarming manner.

Cody Walker then appears on the screen, reminding viewers why they should pause, and slow down.

"Guys, let's be responsible," he says. "There's someone waiting for you at home."

The OCDA is making the PSA available "to every law enforcement agency in the United States in an effort to curb injuries and deaths related to street racing," the office said in a release.

The OCDA's office joined the two actors to announce the PSA campaign, displaying pictures of people killed by street racing.

"At the end of the day, the message is, somebody is waiting for you at home," Kang said during the kickoff event.

Watch the PSA below:

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