Fast-Food Crusader Compares Ads to Reality

A blogger who has "a whole lot of frustration with fast food" set out to prove the differences between fancy ads and the reality of how it's served

Oh, how those Big Macs, Crunchy Tacos and Whoppers look enticing on a roadside billboard.

But what you see in advertisements isn't always what you get at drive-thrus, and that's what one Southern California blogger set out to prove.

It started with a fast-food taco run in late 2010 when Dario Dinatale peered into his to-go bag and found the 99-cent tacos looked nothing like what he'd hoped for.

"I was thinking, 'Oh my gosh, these don't even represent a taco,'" Dinatale said.

Then he had an idea: gather signature menu items from the largest fast-food chains and take photos of each item side-by-side with how it's shown in advertisements.

The result? A sad display of disparities between big-money ads and how they're served to customers.

Dinatale said he wasn't surprised by his findings.

"It gives it this stench that a business is out there only to make a buck," he said. "It gives society a bad image and it makes the people feel that the business world is dirty and perverse."

Dinatale says he has "a whole lot of frustration with fast food" and has gone as far as complaining to the Better Business Bureau about the "false advertisements."

He said he still eats fast food, but only where it's served as advertised.

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