Feb. 16: What's Jen Clicking On Between Casts?

Chris Schauble, Jennifer Bjorklund

I got an email today with a link to an interesting blog, written by a woman who used the same Beverly Hills IVF doctor as octuplet mother  Nadya Suleman.  It's a guest blogger on Momlogic.com, and really interesting to get her take on Dr. Kamrava's practice. 

Lisa LeMone writes, "I didn't really like him and never connected with him, but I stuck with him because I didn't want to start over with another doctor. It sounds stupid now, but the whole fertility thing is so overwhelming. I always thought his whole operation was fishy ... "  It's an interesting read.  Dr. Kamrava's office had no response to the blog when they contacted him for his side.

And did you see the story on how Suleman is now at least 8 years into 26 years of celibacy?  She tells a British tabloid that  “...to even take one per cent of every night and devote it to someone else, a stranger, would be wrong."

Which leads me to another report one of our editorial assistants, Jameela Hammond, who runs scripts for us during the early newscasts, posted on Facebook this morning.  (I cropped out the bottle of booze in the photo of Jameela and me below to avoid blatant product placement -- but that's Jameela and me just so you know who I'm talkin' about!)

A story on a Bon Appetit survey that says most people would rather have their favorite food than sex.  A whopping 75 percent!  The top three foods:  Chocolate, Shellfish, and Filet Mignon.  I say, consider the source ... they WERE surveying Bon Appetit readers, after all.  Foodies.

And my apologies that this may come a little late for you Valentine's Day dinner-makers (who among us wasn't rifling through recipes this week?) but the Huffington Post summarized the survey as follows:

"What's your "seal the deal" meal?
1. Filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes was the overwhelming favorite at 26.6%
2. The diplomatic answer "Anything my partner cooks for me, even if it's horrible," was second with 20.6%
3. Breakfast in bed followed up with 23.6%
4. Hot fudge sundae with whipped cream & a cherry on top received 13.9%
5. Oysters on the half shell came in at 9.6%
6. Finger-lickin' barbecue got 5.7% of the votes

 "What food is a complete turn off?
1. 52.3% of foodies picked tripe, the boiled stomach of a domesticated animal (cow, ox, pig or sheep). Tripe has to be thoroughly cleaned in order to be edible, and cooked for hours to become tender. Fresh tripe is a khaki color, but a butcher will also remove extra bits of fat and bleach the tripe so it looks more appetizing. Surprisingly, unbleached and uncooked tripe actually has more flavor. (Source: www.about.com)
2. Blood sausage: 43.8%
3. Liver: 39.5%
4. Runny eggs: 28.8%
5. Canned creamed corn: 16.8%
6. Anything with cilantro: 5.5% 

So if you made a nice liver and blood sausage tripe casserole for your sweetie over the weekend, well ... better luck next year.

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