Film Documents Juarez Drug Murders

Filmmaker Charlie Minn says the pictures of the violence in Juarez Mexico are shocking, but the numbers of those killed in drug related attacks are numbing.

"Last year in Juarez there were 3,111 murders," according to Minn. "That's more than on 9/11."

His documentary, called "8 Murders a Day," is based on the average number of killings along the streets of the Texas border town. Mexican authorities say the random shootings and beheadings are tied to a turf war between two drug cartels in a city dubbed 'The Murder Capital of the World'.

In the film a 29 year-old widow and mother of two admits she oversees 40 businesses for La Linea, a group of drug traffickers and corrupt police. Her story ends with her execution.

The Los Angeles based filmmaker hopes the documentary forces the U.S. and Mexico to see the problem as two sided.

"This is a shared problem," Minn said. "We're sending guns there and they are shipping drugs here. It's a U.S. problem as well."

The film also follows families caught in the crossfire. Minn estimates 95% of the murders in Juarez are never investigated. He says it's a city dying at the hands of a billion dollar drug business... at the rate of "8 Murders a Day."

The film opens Friday, April 15th at AMC Theaters in Fullerton.

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