Final Michael Jackson Autopsy Report Released

The final coroner's report in the death of Michael Jackson had been under seal, but it was released Monday in conjunction with the charging of Jackson's doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, with involuntary manslaughter.

The document said Jackson died from acute Propofol intoxication.

It also said when investigators entered Michael Jackson's rented Bel Air mansion on the day of his death, they found a scene more reminiscent of a hospital room than a superstar's bedroom.

There investigators found various medical supplies, including: an oxygen tank, a box of catheters, disposable needles, alcohol pads, and a plastic liner on the bed.

Numerous prescription medicines were found strewn across several tables. Medications for anxiety, insomnia, panic disorders, anti-depression, a muscle relaxer and 11 vials of Propofol, the powerful anesthetic not normally used outside of a hospital setting.

"It’s hospital protocol that we never give Propofol without an anesthesiologist present because a lot of people stop breathing, so even in the hospital you have to follow strict rules. Outside of the hospital, almost unheard of, dangerous,” according to Dr. Bruce Hensel, Chief Medical Editor for NBCLA.

The coroner's report also indicates Jackson had tattoos indicative of permanent make up along his hair line, on his eyebrows, eyelashes and lips.

The hair on his head is described as sparse and connected to a wig. There are also puncture wounds on his right shoulder, both arms and both his ankles.

“The coroner drew conclusion that there were many not self-administered, that maybe these were out of reach for somebody to give themselves their own medicine,” said Hensel.

Dr. Bruce Hensel believes the bruising on Jackson's chest and catheters on his neck were all the result of attempts to revive him.

The five foot nine inch singer weighed just 136 pounds at the time of his death.

The host of medical supplies and drugs found in his home stand in stark contrast to the energetic performer who spend the days leading up to his death rigorously preparing for his upcoming music tour.


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