Watch: Blind 13-Year-Old Dog Rescued From Construction Site Hole in Pasadena

Cesar found himself 15 feet down a hole that was only 3 feet wide at a Pasadena construction site.

Cesar receives some affection from a fire-rescue team member Tuesday Sept. 20, 2022.
Pasadena Fire Department

A 13-year-old blind dog found himself in deep trouble and a tight squeeze.

Cesar fell into a 15-foot deep, 3-foot wide hole Monday night at a construction site in Pasadena. After barks alerted people to his plight, a rescue team set up a system of ropes and pulleys for the rescue operation.

Video of the 13-minute rescue shows a member of the fire-rescue team being lowered by a rope into the darkness of the hole and returning to the surface with Cesar secured to a harness.

The dog, covered in dust but in good shape, apparently wandered onto the site near his home. Cesar was returned to his owner.

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