First Day of Appliance Rebate Program

Today is the first day of the California Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program.  You can trade in your old energy sucking appliances for a new one, and get cash back from the state!    

In the spirit of Earth Day, Uncle Sam is dishing out more than 35 million dollars to Californians who recycle their old appliances and buy new, energy efficient ones.

For mom and grandmother Lynne Askey, the timing couldn’t be any better: "My washer just died last night so I'm here in an emergency."

Askey says even though she didn't know about the government's rebate plan -- All part of the federal stimulus program created by the Obama administration
last year -- she is going to take full advantage of it.  
However, some consumers like Mike Oshea aren't buying into it: “So i have to spend $2500 to save $200, so I feel like I'm better off not taking advantage of it."

Pacific Sales store manager Juan Pantoja says the program is a positive for many people: "Generally speaking from an average promotion, they're saving up to 500 dollars. Anywhere from 40 to 50% off their purchase after rebates."

Sheri Byers, in the market for a new refrigerator, likes what she can do for the environment and her conscience:  "We've got a 30 year old fridge that is kinda on its last leg. We kinda feel guilty for even owning it. It is probably racking up our energy bill."

It's estimated that the federal funding will provide rebates for about 300
thousand appliances. And that's money in consumer's pockets like Lynne Askey, who is expecting to save about $235.


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"And then I need a make over," Askey joked.
The rebate won’t be around for long.   It’s on a first come, first served basis until the allotted money runs out. 


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