Fish ‘Literally Fell From the Sky' With Rain in Mexican City, Officials Say

Fish raining down is a phenomenon that has been reported since ancient times

Civil defense officials in northeast Mexico say a light rain was accompanied by small fish that fell from the sky.

Tamaulipas civil defense says in a brief statement that rain Tuesday in the coastal city of Tampico included fish. Photos posted on the agency's Facebook page show four small fish in a bag and another on a sidewalk.

"Curious case in Tampico (Col. Lomas de Rosales) where there was a light rain that included small fish that literally fell from the sky," the civil defense said in the post.

Lomas de Rosales is a neighborhood in the seaside city of Tampico on Mexico's eastern coast.

According to the U.S. Library of Congress, it's a phenomenon that has been reported since ancient times. Scientists believe that tornadoes over water — known as waterspouts — could be responsible for sucking fish into the air where they are blown around until being released to the ground.

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