Fly the Wifi Skies on Virgin America

Burlingame-based airline now offering Internet access on all planes

For busy workaholics who can at least use air travel as an excuse to click their laptops closed, Virgin America has now taken away your good excuse for some downtime.

That's because the airline is now offering wireless Internet access on all its flights.

The domestic air carrier, which based its operations at San Francisco International Airport after beginning service last year, already offered a wide selection of television and Web show programming as well as video games.

Now you can add YouTube to your entertainment options.

The discount carrier isn't offering the service for free, however.

Costs range from $5.95 for access during overnight "red-eye" flights to $12.95 for daytime flights longer than three hours.

Logging on with your iPhone will cost $7.95.

Jackson West does fly Virgin regularly, and admits he'll probably pony up for Wifi at least once.

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