OC Foreclosure Rehabbed Into American Dream

The Cardona family is living the American dream. They became first-time homeowners Friday, thanks to a program by the city of Garden Grove that rehabilitates foreclosed homes.

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program, a Federal Assistance program designed to help cities clean-up foreclosures for first-time homeowners, funded the project.

After the house was refurbished the city loaned the Cardonas $40,000, at 0 percent interest, for a down payment.

Jasmine Cardona works in a restaurant and her husband Victor works at a bank. They qualified for the assistance because of their dual income.

"We wanted to make sure we had jobs and stable income. We've been with our employers for a long time," said Victor Cardona. "This is our first home and we'll take great pride in fixing it."

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