West Hollywood

Four People Hospitalized After Shooting in West Hollywood

The area was shut down for investigation while the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department searched for suspects and evidence.

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Part of Fountain Avenue in West Hollywood was shut down early Friday morning after a shooting injured four people, while police searched for the shooter.

Around 4:18 a.m., a shooting occurred at Fountain Avenue and De Longpree Avenue. When Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies arrived at the scene, they saw three men suffering from gunshot wounds.

While searching the area, deputies discovered a fourth man suffering from a gunshot wound near Kings Road, about half a block from the other three victims.

Resident, Tyler Mahoney, not only heard the commotion, but found one of four shooting victims inside his home. 

He believes the injured man dove into and broke the glass of his kitchen window to get to safety. 

“There's a young kid covered in blood and glass everywhere, shattered all over my kitchen. He’s not mobile, so he’s crawling, he’s crawling, sliding on my kitchen floor,” he recalls. “He couldn’t be over 22.”

After one of the four people that were shot around 4 a.m… one of them wound up in his apartment.

“He said I've been shot. I’ve been shot, and so I said who did this to you he said he didn’t know, but while I'm talking to him, there's tons and tons of gunfire going on down the street,” Mahoney added.

The shooting happened around 4 a.m. on Fountain Avenue near Olive Drive.

Sheriff’s believe the shooter or shooters are among the victims and are no longer searching for anyone else.

One neighbor says between the gunshots, he saw fighting.

“I peeked out my window and I could see people wrestling and punching each other,” Alex Messenger said.

Investigators searched through evidence at the crime scene, including a red Jeep, closing off a stretch of the road for hours. 

Mahoney says he just hopes the man he helped in his home recovers.  

“He was shot back here, but the real visible one he was shot here on his thigh,” he said.

LA County Sheriff's deputies say all four people wounded are expected to survive.

They are now interviewing them to figure out a motive and why someone started shooting.

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