Free Adoption Day at Pasadena Humane Society

The organization wants to place pets in loving homes ahead of Fourth of July.

Fourth of July, as a general rule, is about the most outside-iest holiday on the calendar.

After all, pyrotechnic displays and the wide open sky are a longtime twosome, and sprinklers, Slip 'N Slides, and the eating of watermelon tend to work best when done in an alfresco situation.

But one contingent that isn't quite as jazzed about the noise of the occasion are pups. It's often said that July 4 — or make that July 5 — is an especially busy day at dog shelters, thanks to canines who might have bolted from their backyard due to an especially loud crackle from the sky.

In anticipation of July 5, with the knowledge that a busy time may be ahead for our shelters, the Pasadena Humane Society is taking the move to hold a special adoption day, one that "clears the shelters" and provides pups a new and loving home.

Thursday, June 23 is Free Adoption Day at the Raymond Avenue shelter, which means no adoption fees to pay to find the feline or Fido you've been dreaming about.

Does that fee include spay/neuter surgery? It does. Will your baby be microchipped? You bet. And how about the vaccines? Those will be part of the program, too.

You'll need to show Pasadena Humane a few things before leaving with your lovey. Do you rent? Find that proof that you can have a pet. Do you want to get a move on the adoption process? You can fill out the paperwork ahead of time (which gives you more time for getting down on the ground at the shelter to visit with its home-needing residents).


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The watermelon and sparklers and barbecue of Fourth of July are all classics, as is the sky show. But making sure our furry ones are in a safe and comfortable place come nightfall, and that the shelters don't become overwhelmed in a matter of hours, is part of the holiday planning.

It's a good message to remember, whether or not you visit Pasadena for a new pup or kitty on June 23.

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