Free Ice Cream: McConnell's Los Feliz Debut

The cold Santa Barbara classic kicks December off in LA, deliciously.

December isn't necessarily the freebie-est month on the calendar, though the little unexpected add-ons and we-like-yous do charmingly pop up, from time to time.

We may find a coupon in our holiday shopping bag, one that saves us a buck or two if we return to shop some more. And we're sometimes handed candy canes at various seasonal soirees, the kind we vow to eat (but then find on the bottom of our purse next summer).

But a whole free scoop of ice cream, one that comes with oodles of Santa Barbara lore, one that's well-made and widely beloved around the American Riviera and beyond, seems like a December daydream.

Be bold and dream, though, for McConnell's Fine Ice Creams has brought the frosty fun eats to Los Feliz, and a lickable first-day-of-December deal, too.

And the deal is this: Stop by the new shop at 4630 Hollywood Boulevard on Thursday, Dec. 1 from 5 to 10 in the evening and score a pay-nothing scoop of pumpkin pie ice cream, or eggnog ice cream, or burnt apple ice cream, or another flavor on offer.

How artisanal-y are these eats? And how local, or at least regional? McConnell's peppermint stick ice cream includes milk from grass-chompin' cows who call our own Central Coast home, as well as R.R. Lochhead vanilla (just a dash for zing).

If you know your Santa Barbara-based bites, you know that McConnell's got its start on the locally famous-y corner of State and Mission Streets back in 1950. And if you really really know your Santa Barbara stuff, you know that the shop opened in December, making this well-timed Los Feliz debut perfectly in line with the company's history.

True, we're not having one of our surprise late-fall "it's December?" heat waves at the moment, so you'll just need to bundle up to get your free scoop on, or at least wear a light jacket, LA's official heading-into-winter wearable.

After all, we don't stop eating ice cream in Southern California just because it is December, and anyone who says otherwise should be guffawed at (or, better yet, invited along for a scoop of free peppermint stick ice cream in Los Feliz).

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