Sherman's March to the Free Money

It's like normal money, but free

Despite not owning a purple outfit covered in question marks, we're here to tell you about free money.

That's right: free money.

Thanks to state Congressman Brad Sherman, a list is now available online of Californians still owed money from the IRS.

"Every year thousands of people do not receive their tax refund from the IRS due to a change of address or a change of name. In some cases, the individual is not expecting the return because it is due to an accounting error in their favor that the IRS discovered on the tax return," according to Sherman's website.

"Tax refunds belong in your pocket, not stowed in a cob-webbed corner of a dark safe at the IRS," Sherman told City News Service.

Obviously, the odds of the IRS owing you money are not in your favor -- but hey -- it's cheaper than a lotto ticket, and in this economy, you can't afford not to check the list.

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