Rescue Offers Free Pet Food for Struggling Owners

The Pet Rescue Center aims to give away one month's worth of food to SoCal pets every month.

Pet owners who can’t afford food for their four-legged family members are getting a helping hand from a Southern California rescue center.

Pet Pantry, a program from The Pet Rescue Center, provides assistance to senior and unemployed pet owners who might not be able to afford food or litter.

"We're trying to prevent owners from having to surrender their pets because they can't
afford to feed them," said Jan Henry of The Pet Rescue Center. "There are so many homeless

Pet Pantry isn't a new program, but it is under new ownership. The Pet Rescue Center ran
their first pantry giveaway Sept. 14 from their Mission Viejo headquarters.

They gave away one month's worth of food to 33 cats and 17 dogs – and that's not all.

"We were able to secure some parrot food for a woman with three birds," Henry said.
Whatever food is leftover goes to South County Outreach Food Pantry, which distributes it to other pet owners.

The service is available the second Saturday of every month from 10 to 11 a.m.

Pet owners must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the program. They must first fill out this application proving they really need the help.

The Pet Rescue Center wants to extend its outreach to better service the community.

"We're trying to grow the program and service as many people as we can," Henry said.

The Pet Rescue Center accepts donations of both food and money.

To donate, visit their website or visit them in person at 25800 Jeronimo Road, Suite 100
Mission Viejo, CA 92691.

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