Free Winter Holiday Festival

See you at the Snow Fun Zone.

Pershing Square

Haps have been mighty bustling down Pershing Square's way since mid-November, thanks to the annual ice rink and all of the various concerts and to-dos that happen around its icy edges.

Oh, right. And then there was that LAFD vs. Derby Dolls charity broomball showdown. We hope that one returns every year, like clockwork, forever.

Now Saturday, Dec. 10 and Sunday, Dec. 11 will get super-bustling, as compared to just normal, everyday bustling, thanks to the Winter Holiday Festival at Pershing Square. The skating and skate rental will still cost -- $6 and $2, respectively -- but there will be loads of free stuff to participate in, even if you don't feel like spinning around on steel blades.

Like: the Snow Fun Zone. Various arts-and-crafting of the ornamental sort. And on-stage dancing and entertainmenting of a seasonal sort. There will also be food-truckery going down, and that will not be free, of course, but come with some cash, along with the knowledge that the Snow Fun Zone will likely build up an appetite.

And if all the crafting gets you in the mood to shop for unique items, you'll be in a virtual Craft Fun Zone downtown. There are three indie marketplaces going down, all revolving around handmade goodness and eats, and none of them all that far from Pershing Square (note you'll need to drive, not walk, but everything is fairly close-ish, in LA terms).

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