Storm May Be Coldest in Decade

SoCal weather is anything but normal

In Ventura County shoppers dodged the cold and the rain Friday night. Some, but not all with umbrellas and wardrobes to fend off the wintry blast, for a storm that is one of the coldest in the area in a decade, according to the National Weather Service.

But for one late night customer, the skimpy crowds suited him fine, and he had no problem at all with the change in the weather.

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"I'm from Boston. This could be snow! I was home for Christmas. I shoveled my sister's driveway, so this is no big deal for me. Though, I must admit I'm surprised by how many Californian's don't know how to drive in the rain," according to Brian Landers, of Port Hueneme.

Up in Oxnard, drivers faced a significant downpour as the night wore on. prompting gas pump patrons to volunteer some driving advice.

"Just be careful. Don't go too fast. A lot of accidents happen," advises Jesus Garcia, a restaurant worker.

"When you slam on your brakes, it makes it worse," states Ricky Ritter, plumber.

Despite accumulated rainfall in select areas in Ventura county, Friday night there were no flash floods or major incidents tied to the rain, according to the Ventura County Fire Department.

For some people the weather was a bone-chilling inconvenience, and motivation for adjustments behind the wheel, as well as a challenge for families likely to be housebound until conditions improve.

"I bought everything I needed for the weekend, groceries, games to keep the kids busy, because you can't go anywhere. I live in Santa Clarita actually. We got some snow last time, and I couldn't go anywhere, so I got prepared this time," according to Rachel Rebolledo, mother.

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