Fritz & Fans: Viewers Share Their Favorite Memories

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Jeff Abbott
“Fritz and I at our daughter’s volleyball tournament in orange county. You’re my favorite Meteorologist Fritz. I’ve been watching you since I was 11! Thanks for all the AccuWeather over the years. I’ll miss ya.” - Jeff Abbott
Kathy Lovin
“Nearly 20 years ago, I was the public relations director for the Salvation Army in Los Angeles. As you know, Fritz has been a wonderful friend to the organization for all these years and even before my tenure there. During one of our Christmas celebrations at the Original Farmers Market on Fairfax, Fritz was the MC and our special guest was Fábio, of romance novel book jacket fame. Fritz and I laughed when we witnessed women asking Fabio hold them in his arms like the book jacket photos so their friends could take a picture. Fritz asked me to speak to Fabio’s manager and see if he would hold Fritz in his arms that way when we returned from commercial. Of course, Fabio was a great sport and said yes. The problem is, they were late coming back to us after the commercial break so Fabio’s arms were shaking by the time we got the shot! Fritz had the cameraman in tight on his face and then panned out to see Fábio holding him. It was a blast. We laughed so hard. Fritz was always such a delight to work with and gave so much of his time and talent to The Salvation Army. It won’t be the same without him! (This was long before cell phone cameras so I don’t have any pictures. Hopefully, you will have some file footage of this event. It was in November of 2000 or 2001, I think. Since I’m required to attach a photo or video, please enjoy the photo of my cat! Her name is Louisa!)”- Kathy Lovin
Kaitlin Gefke
"I’m 35 years old, and to this day I will never forget the goodness of Fritz Coleman!!! He is such a strong and important memory. I was in 4th/5th grade and had to do a report on Tornado Alley. My mom called the network asking for any material that he might have on the subject…(yes this was wayyyyyy before Google lol) Not only did Fritz send me information in the mail on the subject/region along with a shirt, he called my landline and asked to speak to “Kaitlin” after my mom picked up. I WAS STAR STRUCK!! my mom said that Fritz Coleman was on the phone for me! 9 year old me was so nervous to talk to him! But he was so endearing. Said “I hear you have a report on Tornado Alley!?” Filled me in on the cliff notes and said more information would be coming in the mail. I still have the shirt and personal note from him to this day!! He is so special!!

Much love,
Kaitlin Gefke"
Martha Treadway
"Meeting up at Angel Stadium" - Martha Treadway
Martha Treadway
“With meeting Fritz at Angel Stadium on June 23, 2016. I think he threw out the 1st pitch.”- Martha Treadway
Ann Pulice Owens
“My co-anchor, Ed Arnold (KOCE-TV/ “Real Orange”) introduced me to Fritz at the Golden Mics 2011. It was the one and only time I met Fritz. He did not disappoint. Funny, warm, self deprecating and inclusive, he very sweetly indulged my fan girl gushing. I then stood silently as Ed and Fritz caught up and reminisced. There was a lot of love and respect between those two LA news veterans. And I was privileged to be included. Fritz will be so very missed.”- Ann Pulice Owens
"This photo is from 12/15 when Fritz presented my Son In Law-Staff Sargent Justin Santiago with a check -Toy’s for Tots. Such a great memory and experience for our family. Justin was in charge of the toy drive that year. Thank you Fritz -we will miss you. Happy Retirement!" - Bob and Traci Drelen Faithfull Channel Four News Watchers
Valerie Tippy
“It’s from 2003 when he visited Wakefield Ct in Saugus to report on holiday decorations. He was kind of him to take a photo with me, as I had been a big fan for years. We all wish him a fabulous retirement!" - Valerie Tippy
Jeff Palkevich
“I often see Fritz when I’d stop by the Starbucks on Riverside (where he often hangs out) and he was nice enough to take a picture with my Chihuahua, Dynamo. I knew Fritz would take the picture, he’s always the nicest guy, he takes the time to talk to everyone and always little facts about each person. I told Fritz once that my parents still live on New Jersey, every time there’s a big snow storm he asks how they’re doing”- Jeff Palkevich
David Laurell
“When I was serving as the mayor of Burbank, Fritz was the honorary mayor of Toluca Lake. He once told me it was awesome to wield the same power as Paul: The King of Big Screens.”- David Laurell
Colleen McCune
“Fritz Coleman is truly a one-of-a-kind person. Two Boy Scouts from my Troop reached out to Fritz to help them meet the requirements for the weather merit badge they were pursuing. In January of 2019, me, the two Scouts, and parents of one of the boys, were invited by Fritz to drive to Universal City and meet him at NBC Studios for a tour. He was so kind and friendly to all of us upon our arrival and made us feel comfortable being with him. The boys sat in the chairs on the actual set where Fritz does his weather and he also put them in front of the camera to show how he does his weather reports on TV. This is something he didn’t have to do but he was kind enough to do it. This will be a memory that we will all cherish forever. Thank you Fritz for being so friendly to all of us and making a lasting impression on these Scouts and us as adults. The weather on NBC4 News will not be the same without you, but good luck in your retirement and enjoy doing the things but you want to do!” - Colleen McCune
Martha Treadway
“Many fans came out to Angel Stadium to see Fritz throw out the 1st pitch.” - Martha Treadway
Audrey Lawrence
“This was in Vintage’s Computer Lab with our computer instructor, Mrs. Stone, and her children. We believe it was about 1997.” - Audrey Lawrence
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