Front Porch Package Thief in Corona Renews Holiday Warnings

Homeowners are being urged to have packages delivered to a neighbor or tell the delivery service not to leave the package outside

A thief who was caught on camera stealing a package from a Southern California home's doorstep is renewing cautionary warnings by officials as the holiday season approaches.

In the case of Corona homeowner Carissa Rampley, surveillance video of her front porch captured a man stealing a package in broad daylight on Wednesday afternoon.

"It makes you feel violated, it makes you feel angry, it makes you feel scared," Rampley said.

Rampley’s house wasn’t the only one targeted by the thief.

"There was one other incident that occurred that same day," Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Albert Martinez said.

The surveillance video showed neighbors appearing to watch the man walk away with the package. Rampley’s front yard now displays a sign with the caution, “Smile! You’re on camera.”

"I looked on surveillance and saw he had stolen it," Rampley said. "I jumped in the car and went on a hunt for him but never found him."

Officials caution residents as the holiday season approaches to take precautions when expecting deliveries.

"If the package has to be delivered at they’re not going to be home, tell your neighbors to pick it up or even leave a note for the delivery company," Martinez said.

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