Ron Thomas Responds to New Police Chief Announcement

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The father of Kelly Thomas released this statement on Dec. 21, 2011.

The email below from Ron has not been edited:

I'm sure that all of you have heard the news about Capt. Dan Hughes taking over as the Chief of Police for Fullerton as of January 3rd, 2012. Personally I do not support this move by the City Manager. After my sons death when the protest began, "Dan" was indeed very helpful to myself and Kelly's Army. Him and I still talk nicely to each other. However, Capt. Hughes was and is the Captain directly over the Patrol Division. These are the same officers that all of the  brutality, rape, theft, miss-conduct, and now murder charges / lawsuits are against. We have all heard by now that the overwhelming consciences is that the Fullerton Police Department is a "Rouge" department that operates without fear of consequence. These are the same men and women that Capt. Dan Hughes did and still oversees. Even at last nights City Council meeting, it was brought up that HIS officers are STILL kicking homeless people to wake them up. These same officers also hit the homeless with their "Batons" to wake them. If anyone else did this to another person, the kicking would by Assault and Battery, and hitting someone with a "Baton" (it is designed to cause great bodily harm or death) would be assault with a deadly weapon. 

What I see for Fullerton's future, is a very good possibility of "business-as-usual" with the same old fox guarding the hen house. I say this because even months after Kelly's murder, new allegations of misconduct and behavior are still happening. Capt. Hughes should have made sure that HIS officers got in line, and stayed in line.He either did not do this, or they just don't listen to his orders. Either case would be unacceptable as the chief. I think that the answer is for an outside person with an impressive law enforcement background be hired. Someone with the knowledge to come in and "clean-house" and get the Police Department on the right track. This person would not be someone who has been a Chief in three or more departments before coming to Fullerton. 

It is only because of the hard work of myself and especially Kelly's Army across the world (including all of the media coverage) and the law firm of Mardirossian and Associates by putting enormous pressure on the City and the Police Department, that they have (and it was my demand to then Chief Sellers and Capt. Hamilton) started training their officers and called in Mike Gennaco's independent investigations firm. This was just a "CYA" move on their part. 

If they want continue to do something good that the people would really like, then they should clear Kelly's name as I keep asking them to do. We all know about the false allegations.

The DA's office has confirmed with me that as of now the plan is, during the Preliminary hearing on March 28th, the city video will be presented as evidence. They will also be asking the judge for a "Gag-Order". so that no one films or records it. 

I again want to thank all of Kelly's Army for everything that they have done, and continue to do.

Ron Thomas

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