“Gas Hole” Calls Out Oil Industry

The documentary DVD was released Tuesday as part of Earth Week.

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The documentary film "Gas Hole," directed by Jeremy Wagener and Scott D. Roberts, was released on Tuesday as part of Earth Week. The DVD's release also coincides with the anniversary of the BP Horizon Oil Spill.

"Gas Hole" examines the manipulations of oil companies since the days of John D. Rockefeller by using clever graphics and archival footage. The doc alleges that for decades, big oil companies have purposefully stifled technology, patents and legislature that could contribute to finding an alternative to petroleum.

The film features Joshua Jackson and is narrated by Peter Gallagher, and contains interviews with politicians who are leading the way with alternative energy platforms.

A press representative for the film says the release is purposefully timed with the anniversary of the Gulf Coast oil spill. The Los Angeles-based filmmakers say they released the DVD this week with hopes of encouraging people to "green up the environment."

The doc is being distributed by Cinema Libre Studios, one of the leading distributors of social issue films like "Fuel," "The End of Poverty" and Oliver Stone's "South of the Border."

Check out the "Gas Hole" trailer:

"GasHole" Trailer

GasHole | Myspace Video

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