Get Your Spay, Neuter Coupons

Two weeks after temporarily suspending the issuance of vouchers for spay/neuter services because of budget concerns, the Department of Animal Services announced Wednesday it will reinstate $70 certificates for low-income pet owners.

The coupons, which can be picked up at Animal Care Centers throughout the city, are available to households with an annual income of $30,300 or less, as well as senior and disabled residents.

Reissuing coupons for pet sterilization services will be done in a way that "is fiscally prudent, sustainable and consistent with the most pressing community needs," Animal Services officials said in a statement.

Animal Services suspended the vouchers March 10 because of concern that the increased demand would exceed the department's available funding. The decision brought strong criticism from members of the Los Angeles City Council and animal rights community.

Five months ago, a citywide ordinance went into effect that requires most pet owners to spay and neuter cats and dogs after the age of four months. The idea was to decrease the number of abandoned animals and thus reduce the number that had to be euthanized.

More information on the spay/neuter vouchers can be found on the Animal Services' Web site at

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