Girl Looking for Golf Balls Finds Diamond

The Sanitys are a family of golfers -- some are good, some are lucky, and one is really lucky.

Eight-year-old April Sanity was gathering golf balls in her Torrance backyard when she found a diamond. A real diamond -- and a big one at that. Glimmering in the grass, April discovered a one carat diamond.

April thought the diamond was fake, so the third-grader showed it to her father. Gary Sanity thought it was a fake, but not enough to dismiss the idea that it just might be real, so he slid the stone across a sliding glass door and it scratched the glass.

The family than took to Google and found different ways to test the authenticity of the stone. The stone passed each test but they needed confirmation.

They took the diamond to a jeweler.

Yep. A real big diamond.

April is just in third grade, and her diamond ring days are far ahead of her. For now, she thinks she will hold onto the diamond until she needs the money and then she will sell it.

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