Golden Globes Stars Trapped in Big Cars

Seemingly inoperable windows keep stars from showing appreciation to their fans

Apparently rolling down a window is too much to ask of those who've arrived in Hollywood.

Either that, or many a Los Angeles limousine is equipped with faulty window controls that trap their occupants within a tinted-glass bubble for the duration of the ride.

Of the dozens of black limos, stretched Suburbans and Lincoln Town Cars that traversed the residential street of Whittier Drive en route to the Wilshire Boulevard red-carpet entrance of the Golden Globe Awards Sunday, only a few celebrity occupants responded to the fans lining the sidewalks and chanting "roll down your window, roll down your window, roll down your window."

Seriously, do you know how hard it was for these people to find parking? ROLL IT DOWN!

The crowd barely rated "crowd" status. It was fewer than a hundred people, most of them females under the age of 18, all gathered at the corner of Whittier and Wilshire Sunday to holler and snap pictures of stars in moving cars.

Yet few obliged.

Armed with a small, inconspicuous lens, I walked over Sunday to see who was willing to be seen. Among them were 30 Rock star Tina Fey, who dropped the window for less than 30 seconds and gave a shy smile. Also willing to play along was singer Beyonce, and actress Cameron Diaz.

But by far the better pictures, as far as I'm concerned, were of the crowd.

About the only other time you see that many people looking so excited simultaneously is when there's free money involved.

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