Golden Road Rovers: Beagles ‘N Beer Fundraiser

You and your beagle are invited to the Atwater Village brewhouse.

Think back to the last four or five doggie fundraisers you attended or happened across.

What were the locations? We'll guess the gatherings may have happened at a park, a beach, a kennel, a pet store, and dog run.

But a craft beer-centric tavern? Yeah, there are far more foamy pints than water dishes to be found within. One notable exception, though, is set to bark it up on Tuesday, Oct. 15 at Golden Road Brewing.

The floppy-eared star of the show is the Beagle, possibly the most famous pup of comics-based pop culture (no offense, Marmaduke and all Great Danes, we love you, too). The night is in fact called "Save the Beagles" and the Beagle Freedom Project is the bowwow-y beneficiary.

This means that food and drink purchases will help raise money for the rescue group, but there's an added, oh-so-lively element: Revelers may show with their own dogs, and some Beagles from the Beagle Freedom Project will be up for adoption.

Seriously. Is this an untapped area? Dog adoptions at pubs that happen to be holding dog fundraisers? Oops, this is actually a "fun raiser," and we predict that name may be right on the Beagle-helping money.

No word on how many Beagles may be named Snoopy, but you gotta hope for a few, right?


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The Beagle Freedom Project, by the by, "rescues and finds homes for beagles used in labratory research."

You don't need a dog of your own to go, or even to adopt, but you can go and lend a few dollars, all while enjoying a pint of Golden Road goodness.

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