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Gooey Goodies: National Doughnut Day

Free doughnuts, offbeat doughnuts, and all sorts of doughnutty delights can be found around town.

Much wry commentary has been made in recent years regarding the baroque ways in which we order our coffee, from the half-cafs and extra foams to the requests for a single pump of caramel or sprinkle of salt.

And while this is all true -- we do have a knack for piling plenty of requests onto a humble cup of joe -- there are other treats with tons of individual twists.

Look to the doughnut, for instance, which can have a hole in the middle or not, frosting or not, jelly or not, cream or not. It can be twisty, like a cruller, or flaky, like a croissant. It can be a million other things, too, or just about.

And National Doughnut Day loves upon 'em all, no preferences cited, no favorites played. The sticky-finger-est of food holidays falls on Friday, June 3, and while your local shop may not be giving away freebies, they'll likely have an affordable fritter or bear claw you can enjoy.

Doughnuts are truly one of the most old-school goodies, the kind of edible that can be procured with just the change in your pocket, or almost. Ready to find your favorite? Head to...

Randy's Donuts: It's a Southern California icon, and one worth stopping at whether you're on your way to LAX or not. But if you happen to be in the neighborhood between 6 a.m. and noon on June 3, swing by the stand for your freebie. There's a raffle, too.

Bob's Coffee & Doughnuts: It's not all that unusual to see a firefighter or police officer stopping by the Original Farmers Market for a midday coffee, and the beloved doughnut shop at the historic landmark wants to show its thanks to LAFD, LAPD, and armed services members. In uniform on June 3? Ask for your gratis doughnut.


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The Donut Man: Are you obsessed with this Glendora destination, and its disc-shaped, oh-so-delightful donuts, the ones filled with raspberry (that's actual raspberry)? You're in luck: They're only one dollar on Friday, June 3, so swing by for some start-the-weekend yum.

Dunkin' Donuts, is going the free route on June 3, but free with a beverage purchase. Since the Massachusetts-born breakfast favorite is loved for its coffee, consider buying a cup to snag your sweet. Oh, and that freebie? It's the classic donut.

Krispy Kreme's June 3 plans also involve a free doughnut, as in one doughnut per person, so if you want the famous straight-from-the-South treats for your whole crew, show with your whole crew to make sure they, too, can score their toothsome sinker.

Plan Check: You'll need to show with cash for this one, but it is mighty quirky. Turn up at any of the three Plan Check restaurants and check out a trio of breakfast items that'll stay on the menu all day long in honor of National Doughnut Day. Fried Chicken & Crullers and Breakfast Donuts (they're full of cereal milk) are pure National Doughnut Day on a plate.

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