Gov. Gets Boos From Both Sides of Aisle

Field Poll shows Governor losing support among his own party

The state budget compromise brokered by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has become the political equivalent of "Junior" -- an movie disliked by both critics and fans.

A Field Poll conducted in the wake of the budget deal shows 33 percent Democrats approving of the governator's performance, but anyone who grew up with "The Terminator" or "Total Recall" knew critics would pan his performance.

However, fans aren't buying tickets, either. Only 39 percent of state Republicans would recommend his budgetary star turn -- down from 45 percent in September.

Overall, the man who suggested the constitution be amended so that he might run for president garnered a 38 percent approval rating.

To be fair, that last number is at least better than the scores of "The Last Action Hero," "Twins," and yes, Junior on film review Web site Rotten Tomatoes -- but not as good as his overall 42 percent on the "Tomato-Meter."

No wonder Schwarzenegger seems to be easing back into acting. Term limits will keep him from running for the office again, and with numbers like these, even his detractors at Rotten Tomatoes probably wouldn't recommend he stay out of showbiz to run for senator.

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