Governator Zings Legislature on Twitter

California's budget crisis is no laughing matter, unless you follow Schwarzenegger online

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has found a new weapon in his battle with California's Democrats: Twitter.

The Governator, whose account on Twitter is linked from his official state website and is listed as "verified" by the Internet message-broadcasting service, is sending out zingers, apparently on his own BlackBerry.

"Instead of working on budget, the Legislature is about to debate whether cows can keep their tails while we're in a fiscal crisis," he wrote Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier, he dismissed an effort by the legislature to pass a budget with higher taxes as a "drill: "It's almost 10 and they r still running drills upstairs. Trying 2 pass the same bills I vetoed hours ago. We need 2 solve entire deficit."

And before that, he hinted  that he was ready to starve out the legislature: "Eating a boxed dinner in my office at the Capitol. It's crunch time now and we have to work until we have a budget."

It's not exactly "Hasta la vista, baby." But it's a welcome change from the governor's previous tweets, which mostly consisted of anodyne announcements of press conferences, links to videos, and banter with talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.

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