Police Attempt to ID “Final 48” Grim Sleeper Photos

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck brings photos and a pledge to South L.A.

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck and his detectives went to Bethel AME Church in South Los Angeles with a difficult task that they are determined to complete.

The 48 photos they brought to the church could well be images of the Grim Sleeper's victims. Nobody wants to see those photos and recognize the women they show. But Beck says his department won't quit looking.

Laverne Peters knows what it's like to find out she lost a loved one. Her daughter, Alicia, was one of the victims.

"She was, I think, the last victim," said Peters. "She was found murdered on January first, 2007," Peters said.

The photo array of 48 unidentified women who may be additional victims was there for all to see.

"It took a long, long time," said LAPD Detective Dennis Kilcoyne. "The families over here have suffered immensely. Once again we're coming to you for help. We're coming to the media, coming to anyone who happens to watch the news tonight."

"A few months ago, to have 180 some odd unidentified photos, to get down to where there's only 48 and to understand that, that comes from community folks that are willing to step forward," said District 8 City Councilman Bernard Parks.
The LAPD says the images come from Lonnie Franklin Jr, the former garage attendant charged with 10 counts of murder. Police just identified six more victims, including Ayeellah Marshall, whose family was in the church.

"We come here hoping that maybe something new would come up, that would say that she's alive," said Frank Marhall,  the girl's father.

"I want, I need to see a body," said Abra Marshall, her sister. "I need to know for myself. This is not closure."  
Expressing sympathy and praising DNA science, police say the Grim Sleeper case is far from over.
"We may never know how many young women were killed," said Chief Beck. "But we're gonna do our best to find out."

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