Grunge-Themed DTLA Pop-up Time-Traveling Back to '91

Flannel-up at Brack Shop Tavern for a throwback night devoted to the Pacific Northwest music scene of the early '90s.

What to Know

  • Monday, Jan. 14
  • Brack Shop Tavern in DTLA
  • $5 advance

How does an iconic scene, one that's filled with new music and fashion and film, tend to flower? 

We mean, how does it grow in an authentic and organic way, rising above the status of mere passing fancy to become an unforgettable moment in our shared pop culture timeline?

Lots of people probably can't answer that, in a firsthand, I-was-there sort of way, but concert goers and art makers living around Seattle and Portland, back in the early 1990s, certainly can. 

For a certain sound, vibe, outlook, and flannel-covered lifestyle grew with gusto and guitar-backed force, and soon "grunge" as a larger idea had spread far beyond the boundaries of the Pacific Northwest.

Grunge still grows, clearly, for on Monday, Jan. 14 Brack Shop Tavern will revisit the PNW of '91, ish, for a full-on evening of Nirvana-power'd rock, Pearl Jam-deep melodies, and loads of odes to that big moment in music history.

Beyond the soundtrack, which, yes, will be fully grungeified inside the DTLA venue?


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There shall be themed cocktails — sip a Cosmo-esque Portlandian, if that's your fancy — and lively visual cues that will speak to the nearly-three-decades-gone era.


Look for tie dye tapestries to cover the bar's televisions and concert fliers to lend a particular spirit to the scene.

And if you meet "Old Doug," the fictitious proprietor of the bar, prepare to hear stories of standing thisclose to the stage, at the undergroundiest clubs of Seattle, back when the '90s first got rolling.

A ticket to Grunge Shop Tavern, which is co-produced by Sampson Creative Enterprises? It's five bucks, and that's ahead of time or once you're there. Cool. That's easy and some good-vibing, for sure.

Small noshable plates to share? Themed eats are also part of the night.

LA Works? The volunteer program is the evening's beneficiary. So count on part of the proceeds helping out its important work.

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